Dear Participants,
We are delighted to welcome you to the 7th edition of the Sri Sri University International Model United Nations Conference, scheduled at Sri Sri University, Cuttack, Odisha, from February 16th to 18th, 2024.
To ensure a smooth and enriching experience, we present the following comprehensive guidelines:

Registration and Deadlines
1. First-Come, First-Serve: Registration operates on a first-come, first-serve basis. Once capacity is reached, delegates will be waitlisted and moved to the next available committee.
2. Allotments: Country and committee assignments depend on availability and delegate experience.

Cancellation Policy
1. Non-Refundable: All fees, including Registration Fee, Accommodation fees, and Transport fees, are non-refundable.
2. Transferability: While all fees are transferable, transfers in a different round than the original registration incur an increase in registration fees.
3. Delegation Combining: Combining two single delegations into a double delegation is not allowed.

Rules & Regulations
1. Prohibited Activities: Smoking, consumption of alcohol, drugs, or non-vegetarian food within the university premises is strictly prohibited, with violations resulting in a Rs 1000 fine and necessary actions by the Secretariat.
2. Behavioral Standards: Physical assault, verbal abuse, and creating an unsuitable environment for fellow delegates are strictly forbidden, with a Rs 1000 fine and necessary actions by the Secretariat for any such actions.
3. Public Display of Affection: Acts of public display of affection are not allowed, with a Rs 1000 fine for violations and necessary actions by the Secretariat.
4. Property Damage: Harm to the property of Sri Sri University will result in fines, the amount determined by the committee.
5. Accommodation Rules: Delegates opting for accommodation must adhere to specified in-time and are not allowed to leave their rooms after the stipulated time.
6. Gender-Specific Accommodations: Male and female delegates are not permitted to stay or enter each other's accommodation.
7. Sexual Harassment Policy: Any form of sexual harassment is strictly intolerable, with disciplinary action taken by the committee.
8. Attendance Requirement: Delegates must be present for a minimum of 5 committee sessions to be eligible for a certificate. Attendance at opening and closing ceremonies, as well as social events, is encouraged.
9. Authenticity: Participants must certify that all submitted information is authentic, with forgery or falsifications resulting in immediate termination of participation.
10. Certificate Issuance: SSUIMUN issues only one participation certificate per delegate or executive board member, and certificates will not be re-issued.
11. Environmental Responsibility: Delegates are urged not to litter in the university surroundings.

Disciplinary Measures Delegates are subject to fines or potential debarment from the committee and the Sri Sri University premises for any misconduct or misbehavior. The decision will be based on a collective judgment by the committee, including the Secretariat, Faculty Mentor, and the Management of Sri Sri University.
Participants will be required to sign this comprehensive code of conduct at the registration desk before being granted access to committee sessions.
We look forward to your active participation and a successful conference.

Best Regards,