About Sri Sri University

Sri Sri University is situated in the lap of nature in Cuttack, India on the banks of the Kathajodi river. It was founded by world spiritual and humanitarian leader, H.H. Sri Sri Ravishankar, who is also the founder of the Art of Living Organisation, which currently functions in 156 countries. The college hosts students from all around the world and 29 states of India for holistic studies in various departments like architecture, fine arts, management studies, wellness studies, yogic science, osteopathy, science, and much more.

About Sri Sri University International Model United Nations Conference

The Model United Nations Conference will be held at Sri Sri University. Students from around the country and other nations will join us to make this event a success, discussing world issues for various committees, with experienced executive board members from different parts of the country. We don’t just believe in discussing the world and societal issues, but also take an interest in indeed making a difference.


#UN-Women-Promotes gender equality, and prevention of gender based violence.
#UNHRC - United Nation Human Right Council -responsible for promoting and protecting human rights around the world
#UNGA DISEC - United Nations General Assembly Disarmament & International Security Committee- Focuses on weapons of mass destruction and international security issues.
#World Bank -provides loans and grants to developing countries to support their economic development and reduce poverty.
#AIPPM - All India Political Party Meet-Raw Indian politics and the future of India.
#International Press-Journalism, photography & Caricature.

PERKS for Delegates!!

Executive Board members-

Ishaan Jain - Head Chair
Swapnaneel Datta - Vice Chair
World Bank -
Girija Shankar Sarangi - Head Chair
Rupaz Bhadra - Vice Chair
Nishant Das - Moderator
Suyesha Mishra - Deputy Moderator
UN Women-
Arya Senapati - Head Chair
Aditi Khuntia- Co-Chair
Shreyas Puri - Director
Avyakt Mishra - Head Chair
Shrusti Nanda - Vice Chair
Saswat Mahapatra - Co Vice Chair
International Press-
Sriyansh Mohanty - IP Chief
Abhilas Dhali - Photographer in Chief
Yeshika Chhabiyani - Head of Caricature

UNGA DISEC- Addressing Conventional Arms Proliferation: Enhancing Control Measures for Lasting Peace in Israel and Palestine.
UN WOMEN- Addressing Intersectionality in Achieving Gender Equality and Strengthening Institutions for Increasing Accessibility.
UNHRC - Human Rights Situation in Palestine and other occupied Arab Territories.
AIPPM - Discussion on division of political legislative power in North Eastern States.
World Bank - Developing Financial Resilience in Member States with specific focus on multilateral & inter-agency co-operation.
IP - Take photographs, become a journalist and sketch cartoons depending on the proceedings of the committee.

Round 1
Single Delegation 1100/-
Double Delegation 1999/-

Registration and deadlines
1. The REGISTRATION is accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. Once the capacity is reached, you will be waitlisted and moved to the next committee.
2. Allotments of countries and committees will be made on the basis of availability and the experience of delegates.
3. No REGISTRATION will be accepted after the deadline. Allowing REGISTRATION under special circumstances after the deadline will be decided by the secretariat and Delegate affairs team only.

Cancellation Policy
1. The registration fees once paid are non-refundable under any circumstances.
2. If the delegate misses any session, he/she will be responsible for it. No refund will be issued.
3. No refunds will be provided to delegates who are disqualified or to those who quit for any reason.

Code of conduct
1. Strict disciplinary actions will be taken against any misconduct or misbehavior during the sessions.
2. You certify that all the information submitted is authentic and any forgery or falsifications encountered by SSUIMUN will lead to immediate termination of your participation.
3. You certify that all the work submitted during the conference will be original. Plagiarism is unacceptable and any traces found by the Secretariat will lead to immediate disqualification without any refund.
4. Fellow delegates and Executive Board members must be treated respectfully and with courtesy.
5. SSUIMUN issues only one participation certificate per delegate. SSUIMUN does not re-issue certificates.

Perks for Ambassadors

1. A certificate with the Official UN logo.
2. You will get a Commission of rupees 50 per registration.
3. You will get to be featured on our social media pages.
4. You will get to win SSUIMUN goodies.
5. The best Campus Ambassador will be decided based on the two awards we are offering.
They are-
a. Contingent Trophy
b. Maximum Participation Trophy

Terms for Campus Ambassadors

# Stay updated with all the activities of SSUIMUN and have active participation in all the activities.
# Repost Regularly about SSUIMUN on your social media handles.
# The candidate should not participate in any activities which may affect SSUIMUN's reputation.
#A candidate should be able to get at least 10 delegates with proof (payment screenshot, Identity card, registration number) to SSUIMUN for delegation. If the count is less than 10, the person does not qualify for a Certificate and therefore is not considered a campus ambassador.
#A candidate should be able to get at least 15 delegates with proof (payment screenshot, Identity card, registration number) to SSUIMUN for delegation. If the count is less than 10, the person does not qualify for a commission.
#A candidate should be able to get at least 10 delegates with proof to SSUIMUN for delegation. If the count is less than 10, the person does not qualify for trophies.
# Conduct/Organize an SSUIMUN Workshop on their Campus (which would be conducted by the Delegate Affairs team of SSUIMUN).
# If you have any in-house/ independent MUN, we will appreciate the collaboration.
#This Ambassadorship will be valid for the 2024 edition.
# All activities you do should be recorded in a proper format and submitted in a folder by 15th February 2024, for evaluation for the main conference ambassador results.
# All the delegations by the ambassador shall bring their college id cards and reference code during the registration at the main desk.