Arushi Tyagi 
Secretary General 

I established the MUN Society of Sri Sri University with only one agenda in mind; to help the younger generation appreciate the art of debating and instill in them the awareness of what’s happening in the world. Model UNs are not just a debating platform, but an experience where the leader within us grows! I feel each and every one of us has the ability to be the best version of themselves, and events like these not only help us realize our potential, but also ensure that the fire of growth does not go down!
I wish the subsequent teams of SSU MUN a beat of luck! And I hope they are able to fulfill this vision of growth and leadership by helping as many young and inquisitive minds as possible.


Samruddhi Gharpure
Deputy Secretary General

Sri Sri University International Model United Nations has been a journey for students and participants who lay the foundation of the world we aspire to live in. SSUIMUN will not only be confined to debating on various world issues, but also create an environment enriched towards one’s learning and growth. SSUIMUN, has always worked with the aim of providing a memorable experience to all its participants. Through the medium of this Conference to guide the youth in the field of Public Speaking, Debating and also developing and enhancing their Leadership, Writing and Speaking Skills. The journey from our first edition till now, one thing that happened for sure is that the experience has brought the leader within us!
I wish the succeeding teams of SSUIMUN all the very best!


Tarun Lilani

Director General

SSU INTERNATIONAL MUN focuses on encouraging knowledge of international affairs,understanding of parliamentary procedures,problem solving,professionalism in oral and written presentation of ideas.We empower them to be a part of decision making at all levels as a team.
Our Mission is to encourage awareness among the youth, make them understand and let them accept the different people, cultures and beliefs.
This platform is made to help students in their holistic development both for the team and for the students. As a team: Quick decision making ,dealing with instant practical problems,public speaking and marketing of an event. As a participant: Polishing their public speaking ,taking stand for the country,etiquette and formal growth . 

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