SSU International MUN simulates diversified and thought-provoking committees modeled as per the United Nations. Apart from the annual conference, SSUIMUN conducts events throughout the year to keep spirits high. These events cover an array of simulations including panel discussions, Auctions, and political houses.
Lok Sabha: -
SSUMUN announced its first ever Lok Sabha on 13th Aug, 2019. Lok Sabha is a simulation of the parliamentary proceedings of legislature and executive, based on the Indian parliamentary system. 

We focused on developing your awareness and confidence, it enabled individuals to take initiatives in becoming vigilant about the laws prevailing in the country and raise voices in pursuit of transformation.

We welcomed you to gain exposure on the parliamentary procedures and to nurture your advocacy and diplomacy in simillar simulation.

AuxOn: -
AuxOn was the mock Indian Premiere League Auction conducted by SSUIMUN. The mock IPL auction hosted ten teams as in an IPL. All nine teams were provided with a fixed virtual budget, which they can use for placing bids on the players. Each player had certain points for their batting, bowling, and fielding skills. All the players were given a base price and the aim of the participants was to form a team that had maximum points. Along with entertaining the participants, this event helped them
enhance their critical thinking and financial skills.

Samvada: -
Samvada is the first maiden Online Panel discussion that was conducted under the title of SSUIMUN. This event provided youth, a platform to engage, interact and spread awareness on the issues that the world is facing. SSUIMUN successfully conducted two panel discussions. The two parties with five participants each debated for and against issues and the party that cumulated better arguments won the panel discussion.

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